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Meet Your 2018 PiratePalooza™ T-Shirt Sponsors

A graphic showing the logos of the 2018 Shirt Sponsors

A great big HUZZAH for the sponsors of the 2018 PiratePalooza™ T-Shirts!!  We deeply appreciate your financial assistance in making the 2018 Jolly PiratePalooza t-shirts affordable for our attendees. Please help us in recognizing each of these companies!!! Keep reading for find out more about this year’s sponsors…

Base Camp ATL, LLC

logo for Basecamp LLC ATL

With more than forty years of combined experience in the film and entertainment business, Base Camp ATL has the know-how under their belts to help your production succeed at our location. Some of their past projects include special effects (pyrotechnics, water, etc.), construction (large scale building, miniature building, set fabrication, specialty props), and lighting. The Base Camp ATL team has worked on feature films, television movies, commercials, trade shows, and corporate events, and are partners with industry leading vendors. And they LOVE pirates!


Oz Publishing

Oz Publishing is a swashbuckling gang what produces a range of award-winning print and online periodicals and directories for and about the visual communication industry including Oz Magazine, the annual Creative Index, and more than half a dozen film and video directories for states throughout the southeast. Oz is a comprehensive resource for identifying and hiring the individuals and companies whose creativity and work stand out consistently, which leaves out a lot of you good for nothing rum-guzzlers!


DeProMark FX

DeProMark FX (DPMFX) is a fully licensed and insured Special Effects company whose crew have more than 30 years in the business. DPMFX offers a unique turnkey opportunity for the TV, movie and commercial industry, with 70,000 square feet of production space available, 3 configurable airplane interiors on stage, and an extensively stocked set dec and prop rental facility onsite.





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