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2018 PiratePalooza Musical Lineup

2018 PiratePalooza Musician Lineup

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day 2018!!!  This morning Captain Drew held a press conference before a judge at the DeKalb Courthouse  to announce the musical lineup for the 14th Annual PiratePalooza PubCrawl & PubSing.  Most everyone in attendance remarked of the eloquence of the Captain’s speech.  His court appointed attorney expressed surprise that her client “wasted” his appeal for drunk and disorderly conduct to promote the musical acts in this weekend’s 14th Annual PiratePalooza PubCrawl & PubSing. The list of musicians, however, is impressive.


2018 PubSing Minstrels


Additional PubCrawl/Reel CelebMinstrels


Full Transcript of Captain Drew’s “Press Announcement”:
“Well, Judgey, listen. Sometimes a feller gets a hankering for some rum and some kebabs. Do that make him a villain? I tell you no, it does not.  Does his love for his old friends  Tenpenny Travelers and their amazing hugs make him a blackheart? Why no, it does not!  If he enjoys listening to sheeplovers, like Landloch’d does that make him a sheeplover?? NO SIR IT MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT AND THOSE PICTURES ARE FAKE!!  Nor does he judge them, as you should not judge ME for calling two constables “arseholes” as they arrested me vigorously this past Tuesday morning at 34 bells, or whatever. Do we not all love kebabs?? Would you not clamber through the transom of a kebab shop in the wee hours to eat a few if you were hungry??  Well I tell you: nor would the lads from Pogue Mahone  for they know the law much better than I do.  Not so sure about Ian O’Donnell of Toucan Dubh, as he prefers chicken. Judge I say to you, is a pirate wrong for loving meat on a stick? Should they not have affiliations with tavern wenches like Naughty Nellie Peachbottom?? Should they never throw chicken bones at Nellie’s daddy, Renwick Sangster of Wine, Woman & Song?? We are none of us Lords, except for you m’Lord.  And most certainly not them Irish whills, the Shenanigans, who will once again holler out from our stage this coming Saturday night!!  And if you should pick up your robes and walk along from pub to pub with us earlier on the day of the Palooza you might clap along to the good, solid men of the earth (and by that I am saying they are dirty, m’Lord, filthy, Your Honor, besmirched with dust from every village this side of Dirt Mountain) the Barehead Bards.  I am suspectful that we might also catch whiff of a courtesan or two, like Rosemary Quench of Three Quarter Ale, to whom I shall make you known, m’Doodle, knowing your reputation, Mister Judge, for a bit on the side, wink wink.”

Edit: A GoFundMe has been started to help the Captain make bail.

Edit #2: A competing GoFundMe has been started to encourage the hangman to move quickly.




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