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Palooza Videos on iTunes and YouTube

[Edit- June 19, 2012: the video podcast feed mentioned below slipped into disrepair in the 6 years since its inception. Smartphones, high speed internet, lowered attention spans and many other influences helped end the Podcast experiment for – fortunately, YouTube is all too easy to use these days. Check back in 6 more years to see how much has changed!]

Want to see our pirate videos but can’t remember how to get to the website? Well that old excuse walked the plank today Jim m’lad, you can now catch PiratePaloozaTV on and iTunes!! Just imagine having the entire Palooza gang in your pocket without them trying to take anything!!

Note that I’ve added a new category called “Videos(iTunes)” which will only carry links to movie files made especially for your wee little white musical appleboxes. Have yourselves a parrrrrty.


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