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Avag Co Bepsig

Curse of the Plastic Coin!!! Hiram Abiff Lives Still, Shhhh!

This is a warning for aspiring pirates intent on purchasing a bag full of plastic novelty coins. Be aware that the brand of plastic coins bearing the legend “AVAG CO BEPSIG” are enchanted. That’s right, enchanted….

At our very first PiratePalooza I made the mistake of buying just such a bag of Avag Co Bepsig coins and made a fair show of giving them out whenever possible. Yet, when I returned to port I found that I still had a good many of the coins in me purse. Over the course of the year I continued to find more of the coins. Some in my bed, some in the settee, some in the stern of my autocarriage. Every time I found an Avag Co Bepsig coin I returned it to me leather coinpurse, full in the knowledge that I had them collected, each and every one.

And still I continued to find more, in places I thought I’d looked before. It’s fairly ridiculous how these things seem to breed in captivity, easily outstripping the population of coat hangers rutting in me washroom.

Without a doubt, my collection of these bewitched plastic coins outnumbers my original purchase and I am now consigned to the fact that some day in the future my ship will be awash in these devilish discs of dementia, certain to sink ‘neath their accursed weight and artificial shininess. For now I can only serve as example to those of you lucky enough yet to avoid these shiny promises from the heart of Avagnanian Coishousness of Bepsigosity, for that it what it turns out the name means.

Avagnanian Coishousness be a person… a Bane Witch of terrible antiquity and uncertain designs upon humanity, Cap’n Drew in particular. And even though I now know the source of me curse don’t expect me to take it all noble-like. No, no.

Know this, me hearties: I’ll take no pity upon any of you, so watch your backs. I’ll be certain to try slipping one of me famous cursed coins into your open pockets, purses, pouches and gaping glimpses of cleavage.

You’ve been warned.


16 Responses to this post.

  1. Peg Legged John's Gravatar

    Posted by Peg Legged John on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    Ahoy Cap’n,

    Is you be willin ta sell eny ov those there treasure coins?

  2. Long legged lisa's Gravatar

    Posted by Long legged lisa on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    EYIII matey,

    I’m finding your ship rib splitting gas!!!!! ARRRRH
    a pirate’s life for me!!!!!!!!!

    Me coins be a mulitpying too!!!! Glad I didn’t walk me plank to kill me curse!!!!!!!

  3. Zarathustra's Gravatar

    Posted by Zarathustra on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    So where is Bepsigosity?

  4. 3 legged Joe's Gravatar

    Posted by 3 legged Joe on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    yea..u said there enchanted and stuff…i put 3 in my pocket and when i got home i had 7

  5. s's Gravatar

    Posted by s on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    i found one out in the woods so i looked it up and found this sight

  6. Dan Bidondi's Gravatar

    Posted by Dan Bidondi on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    The Danny Davis Ministries are sending this very coin out and telling people that it will bless them.
    Beware of this.. This coin is cursed and this ministry is a fraud because God forbids such things.

  7. Dan's Gravatar

    Posted by Dan on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    Theirs a ministry called the Danny Davis Ministries. They send this very same plastic coin out among many other things telling people that it will bless you financially.

    You can find this on google, type in Danny Davis Ministries. He also has this no evil oil, I had the oil examined and its the very same oil that Voodoo Witch Doctors use to either bless or cast a spell on someone.

    But yes, I know its hard to believe because its a plastic novelty coin but the legend of this coin is true. These coins circle the globe and many many false religion ministries use this coin to dupe people The coin curses them financially and they have no choice but to turn to the ministry so the ministry can basically rape you of every dime you got.

    If come in possession of this coin, say a prayer to Jesus and ask him to protect you from its enchantment and then break and destroy this coin so no one else comes in possession of it. For those who don’t believe in Jesus, this is not a joke and I highly suggest that you do take heed to this.

  8. Quothz's Gravatar

    Posted by Quothz on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    Yarrr! I actually dug out my booty bag from a completely different pirate parrrty years ago, and found me coin in there. Me first mate was curious about the inscription, so I cried “Avast, ye Google! Prepare to be boarded and searched!” And here I am. There be no doubt that these be enchanted, aye, for no matter how many times ye flip them, they always seem t’come up heads.

  9. Remah's Gravatar

    Posted by Remah on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    Just trying to check on the weird name on the coin that was sent in the mail today from a church that has been sending me stuff and wanted to know the meaning of the word. They have already sent me a touch of oil sealed in plastic… so will these 2 plastic coins make me rich or at least a little less strapped for money?

  10. freebirs76's Gravatar

    Posted by freebirs76 on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    arrrrr i found this same coin up by marys statue and picked it up. wondering where it came from i asked around the school of who could tell me what the words mean no one knew. so i looked on the computer and found this i now know what the words mean and yes, it is indeed enchauted

  11. Lord Suplex's Gravatar

    Posted by Lord Suplex on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    There is quite a legend to these coins, indeed… if only you knew the half of it! It dates further back than you may think… to a time where Suplex confronted the Spiens at Troggle Rock. This indeed was a time before pirates, when only Gods and creatures roamed. Suplex broke the Bepsig in half, leaving one half at Troggle Rock, and burying the other half of the magical coin deep within his Tapeball. He returned from Troggle Rock, Tapeball overhead, including half of the Bepsig… pleasing the King of Chronos. To this day, “Bepsigs” are frequently found deposited in seemingly random places. Contrary to what many think, unexpected Bespigs are often found deposited in places of great wonderment and magical enchantment. Consider yourself blessed when you FIND an unexpected Bepsig. Unfortunately, a few sham churches are plotting to “use” and desecrate the Bepsig. Be warned of one’s intent when PRESENTING you with a Bepsig. A Bepsig is to be found, not to be given.

  12. Natalie's Gravatar

    Posted by Natalie on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    I found myself a coin and was curious so is it bad or good for me and i haven’t found any more yet so…

  13. Erma's Gravatar

    Posted by Erma on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    Got one of these coins from the Danny Davis Ministries. He advised me to carry this in my purse for seven to ten days.
    Found this website. WOW! I know it is against God’s will to possess such items to bring money. I have to repent before my GOD, just going through hard times and figured, this came from a man of GOD, it couldn;t be all bad. Guess what (I am worse off) than when he sent it. I cut it up and burned this coin.

    Take heed! In the Matchless of Jesus, I ask him for forgiveness.

  14. ADRIAN's Gravatar

    Posted by ADRIAN on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    you people are so stupid i got a coin like that in a gift bag from a party oh and guess what a week later i looked in that same bag where i had left that one plastic coin, and guess what there was only one in there. a year later still only one so just shut up you ignorant fools.

  15. Christopher's Gravatar

    Posted by Christopher on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    Please read this, I found the scam artists phone number. This No Evil Oil one really erked me. You can tell he has about 3 actors instead of his “ministry”. He uses canned laughter and appalling inaccurate biblical and medical comments. The thing is so clearly a set up and a scam. his websites are not accessible at all except the part where you can contact him with 25.00 dollars on a credit card. The phone number he gives is a recording asking for your personal info. Im really about sticking it to this jerk. The phone number of his actual warehouse or shack or whatever he runs this scam out of is [# removed to protect the wicked]. If you call the number the infomercial gives more then twice it gives you this number. Call him! Ask him how he can exploit god (not like everyone else isnt doing it). Im an theist and im embarrassed about his theological knowledge!

  16. Kat's Gravatar

    Posted by Kat on 19.11.06 at 10:20 pm

    I have one of these coins. Ive had it for YEARS. My brother actually got it first and a carnival before I was even born. Hes tried time and time again to try to get rid of this damn coin and it wont leave. It always comes back in perfect condition. It doesnt multiply. But…. It doesnt leave… I mean. The damn thing has been eaten by a DOG and still comes back in perfect condition… It wont collect dust. NOTHING. What gives? It doesnt have a scratch on it. Absolutely nothing… If ANYONE has any further information please feel free to contact me.