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Talk Like a Pirate on Facebook

Facebook Talks Like a Pirate

Thunder!! You could have knocked your old Captain down with a feather when a sexy, leggy lass tossed him a note tonight to let him know that now speaks proper English… pirate English that is. Tis sure and true enough! If you didn’t already know, clamber aboard your Facebook account, scroll all the way down to the keel (the bottom of the page, mate) and click ‘pon the pop-up box thingy what allows you to select your natural-born language from a list. Note that there now be one what be marked as “English(Pirate)”.

Just look for this bit:

Look for this control

G’head… give ‘er her a whirl Charlie, I’ve little doubt you’ll ever wants to go back… unless you be a filthy lubber what cries every time you watches “Sleepless in Seattle“.

Or “You’ve Got Mail” for that matter.



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