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Review: English Caramel from Peacock Tea Room

Special Delivery from Peacock Tea Room

This afternoon I was startled awake by GARF’s village postman, who chucked a package through an open window in my cabin. The package was addressed to me and appeared to be from the man what cooks tea atop the small mountain in that fictitious realm. Being that the role of “village postman” is also fictitious I was overcome by a sense of wariness, so I eyed the envelope for nigh about an hour before deciding to open it. What I found inside will SHOCK YOU into clicking through to see that it was only a package of tea.

English Caramel Tea from Peacock Tea Room

I tore the bag open like a corset to discover that it contained actual English Caramel tea, one of the most popular teas available at the Peacock Tea Room at GARF.

Loose leaf tea with actual chunks of English caramel inside

I dumped nearly two spoonfuls of the stuff into my special stainless steel tea strainer

A big healthy spoonful of loose leaf tea ready for brewing.

The I poured in some boiling water from engineering…

Pouring boiling water over the tea leaves.

After allowing the tea to steep for 260 seconds I removed the strainer from my skull mug, counted to 37, then poured in one ounce of whole cream from a 2 year old heifer named ‘Sheila’ from an English herd wintering on the island of Jersey.

English Caramel Tea ready for drinking

The final product was every bit the tea that I normally order at the Peacock Tea Room, next door to the Ded Bob Howling Pit. It’s a VERY robust tea and seems likely to have a medium to high caffeine rating. The caramel flavor is detectable, but subtle, which is exactly what you want in a tea that is served to people wearing swords and showing their bosoms.

If you are a fan of the Peacock Tea Room at GARF you will love the teas you can purchase from their site.

Tell them Captain Drew sent you!!! Then duck.

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Be sure to check out The Peacock Tea Room on Facebook, where Chef Randy shares recipes all year ’round, and information about weekly specials during the run of the Georgia Renaissance Festival!

Update: Chef Randy recently announced 7 new teas making their debut in 2018, check out his announcement:

Monk’s Blend: (black tea blend)
Highly flavorful cup with a combination of Vanilla, Grenadine and Sunflower petals makes for a sweet, toasty play on your palate with a touch of dryness and a subtle bouquet. The Chef’s Favorite tea!

Gingerbread (Organic) (black tea blend)
The brewed tea emits a heady, spicy aroma and the flavor is perfectly proportioned. The taste of gingerbread spices dance on your tongue, with no one spice overwhelming the others. Such a wonderful tea!

Highland Morn’ (black tea blend)
This tea is an interesting blend made to “jump-start” the day! The medium, black, twisted leaves brew to a rich amber cup with a brisk malty taste and a subtle sweetness. This morning tea, with its sweet fragrant smell, evokes images of fields of wildflowers growing on hillsides in the summer.

Hermes Orange (green & white tea blend)
Sweet Orange flavor is intertwined with Tangerine and Mandarin notes with a refreshingly citrus finish. China Sencha style Green tea with Safflower petals and natural flavors

Pegasus (wellness tea section)
Light, tart, fruity, mint flavors open your palate while floral and fruit follow with a piquant ginger finish. Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosehips, Ginger pieces, Hibiscus with Sunflower, Osmanthus and Calendula petals (Milk and Sweeteners not recommended)

Poet’s Blend (Wellness tea section)
Light vanilla notes with a soft floral lavender and slight buttery mint finish. Roobios, Almond pieces, Lavender, Calendula petals, Chamomile, and other natural flavors. Wonderful calming tea! (Milk and Sweeteners not recommended)

Caramel Walnut Shortbread (Organic) (Rooibos blend)
This green Rooibos blend brews to an amber cup with a nutty, buttery taste and deep caramel overtones. A delectable brew that needs no sweeteners. Green Rooibos, flavoring, safflower blossoms, and orange blossoms.


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