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GARF Offers Best Ticket Deal of the Season

Yesterday I was directing the workmen who were replacing the figurehead for the front of my ship when I noticed a tiny red flag had popped out of my rPhone so I carefully dialed the number to the orbital telemail waystation to check my inbox and discovered that the ticket drovers down at the Georgia Renaissance Festival had announced the best deal yet on tickets to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. After purchasing a bootful of tickets for myself I decided to share this news with you, my bosom companions!

If you want to be like me you need only head over to the Xorbia ticket selling site (clicky here) and pick out as many tickets as you think you can afford. These tickets are not locked into any particular weekend and will be good until the end of the 2017 run of GARF, which is June the 4th this year.

There’s no reason why you and I, extremely cool people alike, shouldn’t take care of a deal that has been clearly designed to appeal to nerds. Be a smart pirate cosplayer and stand upwind of them and don’t look those weirdos in the eye.

Just read:

May The Fourth Be With You, $14 Adult General Admission Tickets! $8 OFF the GATE Price (Reg. $22 at the Gate). Sale ends at Midnight May 5th. Tickets good any Sat, Sun or Memorial Day thru June 4, 2017. This discount applies only to new ticket purchases, and may not be combined with other discounts.

It’s best to hurry if you intend to take advantage of this sale, as it will end on Friday night at Midnight (if you wish to be daring you may wait to see if that’s Midnight, Pacific Time – let us know if you find out).



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