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Pirate Weekend 2018 at GARF

Things to do at Pirate Weekend 2018

With scant few days left before the 2018 Pirate Weekend at the Georgia Renaissance Festival I felt it important to let everybody know that I have successfully infiltrated Newcastle’s web engine, stored behind the arcade located beneath the Drunk Monk Tavern. With the power of this 1990s technology I have reprogrammed the weekend’s events in a theme more befitting our people.

First, I have renamed the “Highlands” area to “Pirate Territory”, which makes sense because there is a great big fake ship in the general vicinity. Nothing says “pirate” like a great big fake ship on the side of a hill next to a dusty, gravel-strewn lane.

ONLY PIRATES will be allowed into this area.

Also allowed in will be old people, annoyed-looking women pushing strollers, anybody that looks big enough to beat us up, drunk people or people who are willing to buy us a drink. Possibly others.

New Attractions

While in our the new Pirate Territory you can revel to the following attractions:

  • NEW! Camel Toe Spotting!
  • Intemperance
  • Lollygagging
  • Knife Catching
  • Rail Thieving
  • NEW! Ask a Pirate!
  • Til Diving
  • Crow’s Nest
  • Cleavage Spotting
  • Rum Battles
  • Privy Tipping

These attractions require payment in gold plate. None of that “Master Card” and “Lady Visa” business, Charlie.





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