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2019 Pirate Music Lineup

The 2019 PiratePalooza Music LIneup

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019!!! 

Last night a meeting was held between the Minstrels League of Greater Newcastle, Haverbrook, Lower Shasta, Upper Shasta, Dingle’s Hollow, and West Shelbyville. Up for discussion at the meeting was an idea for new marching uniforms (Diego), a motion to disallow further motions (J. Minstrel), and an impassioned speech by a masked bandit who demanded that a few minstrels should be assigned to perform at the 15th Annual running of the pirates at PiratePaloozaâ„¢.

After a rather lengthy fistfight it was decided by unanimous consent to begin locking the door once meetings had started. It was also decided that the League should send several tough minstrels back with the bandit to kick some ass at PiratePaloozaâ„¢.

You have all been warned!!

2019 PubSing Minstrels

2019 Music Schedule

6:30p – Captain’s Welcome
6:35p – LandLoch’d
7:10p –  Pogue Mahone
7:15p –  Tenpenny Travelers
7:55p – Pogue Mahone
8:00p – Ian/Pogue Mahone
8:40p – Long & Short Of It
9:15p – Pub Sing
10:00p – Leave Her Johnny



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