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2019 PiratePalooza Schedule

2019 PiratePalooza Schedule graphic

This is the complete schedule for the 15th Annual PiratePalooza Pubcrawl & Pubsing, to be held on Saturday, Septembarrrr 21st, 2019 – Captains: share it with your crews!

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! The world has been on FIRE all month and temperatures will be slightly decreased by the time we challenge the Commodore on the square!! Grog and Ale and Porter and Rum can sneak up on you if you ain’t careful, so be sure to HYDRATE for the next few days. This means DRINK PLENTY OF WATER, not hooch or sodas or teas or salves or unguents!! Squeeze some limes into it, what do we care? If you don’t have water but DO have a lime be sure to yell out “I GOT A LIME!!!”. But hydrate, okay???!!

Twains 1:30pm – 2:30pm

We will assemble at Twain’s Brewpub & Billiards beginning at 1:30pm. This is the point from which our invasion crawl will commence and if you arrive early enough it’s a great opportunity to get a bit of food into your belly before the invasion begins!

We’ll sing some shanties and enjoy the ales on tap. Don’t miss it!

The Brick Store 2:45pm – 4:00pm

Photo by Becky Cormier Finch

Meet us upstairs in the Brick Store’s Belgian Bar for one of the most amazing pirate experiences of your life! You’ll feel like you’re crowded belowdecks, swigging ale and singing along with some of the maddest pirates you ever seen!

Pirates fill the Brick Store!

The Virginia Reel 4:05pm – 5:00pm

Photo by Seven Points Photography

Plan to be at the Marta Plaza around 4pm in case a dance breaks out (which is incredibly likely) and IF such a dance does break out (because it is so incredibly likely), Dancemaster Israel Hand will make sure that the dance lines will be broken into smaller groups to shorten the duration of the dance due to the warm weather to make it safer for some of the elderly pirates as well as to prevent Billy Bones from getting his feelings hurt when he loses again and begins making up crazy stories about “people dropping out of Captain Drew’s dance group” and saying “No, no, I have video evidence!!” and “Why are you not telling the story right???” and so on.

Mac McGees 5:00pm – 5:45pm

Photo by Karen Grayson

Spent from dancing the Virginia Reel on the Square we’ll invade this handy Irish pub to quench our thirst! Be ready for a jolly great time getting to catch up with pirates from different crews, but please: no dueling! This pub will fill up quickly so don’t be afraid to nip into surrounding bars for a drink or the nearby ice cream shop for a treat 😉

Revival/Communion 6:00pm – 10:00pm

A Tree on a Tree on a Tree on a Tree – Photo by Karen Grayson

We’ll end the night at Communion, in the back of the restaurant Revival, which has its own separate entrance on the north side of the building. Just follow the sound of pirates down the driveway.

Revival will be open during the Palooza and serving guests who did not plan to encounter pirates. Some may be delighted, but don’t make this assumption – help us to give the guests of our hosts their privacy inside the restaurant at dinner. Pirates are okay to come inside to order drinks from the bar and to use the restroom, so don’t be shy, just polite as you can manage 😉


We will have a police officer at the final stop for your protection. If you see anything more dangerous than a pirate please report it immediately.  As with Renaissance festivals and other period events we have a “no bare steel” policy – all edged and pointy weapons must remain in their scabbards at all times. Also: no black powder, please. Save it for Tybee 😉

After Party!

If you tire of the concert at Communion feel free to go back and visit any number of our other destination pubs and all the other cool places that Decatarrrr has to offer. Twain’s is only two doors up the street from Communion and has become one of the unofficial after-party destinations for attendees of PiratePalooza, so you might start there if you still have wind in your sails.

Designated Drivers

Be a Designated Driver!

We LOVE designated drivers and so should you. It’s way too easy to get a safe ride home these days, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Help keep an eye out for pirates that shouldn’t be driving and don’t be afraid to say something. Read more about Designated Drivers here.

Official Shirt Pickup / Shipping

The 15th Anniversary Glow-in-the-Dark Shirt!

This year’s shirts will be hot off the press on Saturday night, and all of those who pre-ordered will be able to pick up their shirts at at our last stop, Communion.  People who paid for shipping should begin receiving shipping notifications beginning next week! Thanks to our sponsors for helping to defray the cost of shirt production!  We’ll have a few shirts from previous PiratePaloozas available for purchase as well.  A small number of this year’s shirts have been ordered to cover walk-up sales.


Decatarrrr actually has quite a good bit of parking scattered around the square (see high-resolution Decatur Parking PDF c.2016). Some lots are reserved for restaurants, some are pay lots, and some locations are free on weekends.

Please do not park in the lot at our last stop, Communion, as it is valet-only and reserved for patrons of the restaurant Revival.

2016 Decatur Parking Map

The Route

Teaser for 2017 Pubcrawl Map

The latest schedule and interactive map for the PiratePalooza PubCrawl & PubSing is posted on the Pubcrawl page of the PiratePalooza website. If you be too rum-addled to do all that remembering and typing and pointing and clicking, just scroll down…

The Schedule

  • 1:30pm – Twain’s
  • 2:45pm – The Brick Store
  • 4:05pm – Marta Plaza
  • 5:00pm – Mac McGee’s
  • 6:00pm – Communion
  • 11:00pm – Unofficial Afterparty at Twain’s (you are on your own!)

The Route Map

Map of 2017 PiratePalooza Pubcrawl Route

Aerial View of Pubcrawl Route

Overhead Aerial Photo showing of route

Interactive Route Map

If All Else Fails

If none of this is helpful then you may need a paper map!  Check out this really excellent map book of Atlanta!



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