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The Compleat Barley Mow

As I was recently polishing off a pint of ale I was reminded of a time many years ago when the minstrel group Wine Woman & Song would regale us with an old favorite, The Barley Mow, during pub sing at the Brewer’s Pub at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. With a bit of time on my hands I decided to find out more about this old tune. For instance: what’s a “barley mow”? What’s a nipperkin? What’s a drayer? What’s a Continue Reading


Reef™ Brand Sandals = Secret Booze!

Built-in Church Key

I was flipping through my mail this morning, checking out a catalog from outdoor equipment dealer backcountry.com, when my eye fell on an advertisement for a pair of sandals. The thing that caught my eye was an inset photo of the bottom of the sandal with a small pile of bottlecaps arrayed beneath it. “By frisky dingo,” I swore under my breath,”it almost looks as if they’ve built a bottle opener into the bottom of that there sandal, matey.” But wait, it only gets BETTER.
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