The Lower Middle Late Saxon Muppet Spectacular

I recently returned from a glorious 5-day stay at the Duchamp-Dubois Lower Middle Late Saxon Muppet Spectacular* in Riverdale, Georgia, in the soggy marsh in the woods just past the ramshackle train depot behind the Krispy Kreme. The directions are far too complicated to post here, but if you know about it you are a special boy.

That’s what my mom says, anyway.

Captain Kingston Drew at the Lower Middle Late Saxon Muppet Spectacular in Riverdale, Georgia.
Captain Kingston Drew at the Sexy Squish Spectacular in Riverdale, Georgia

My wanderings through the village of Saxony Saxaphrage ‘pon the Squish (Sexy Squish to those in the know) are documented in photographs in this blog post. I captured these images with my new motion picture attachment for the rPlank, and I claim all glory for these images, which I have discovered is not a particularly profitable retirement vehicle.

Still, mustn’t grumble.

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Raising a Pint to Our First Decade (Let’s Kill DragonCon)

Raising a Pint (or two)

Even though it is a few months past our 10th anniversary I wanted to thank all of my nerd friends for a tremendous decade together. It’s been quite a madcap voyage and I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you, even if I can’t remember your individual names. I refer to you as a group as “Harvey” and sometimes Continue Reading