Raising a Pint to Our First Decade (Let’s Kill DragonCon)

Raising a Pint (or two)

Even though it is a few months past our 10th anniversary I wanted to thank all of my nerd friends for a tremendous decade together. It’s been quite a madcap voyage and I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you, even if I can’t remember your individual names. I refer to you as a group as “Harvey” and sometimes Continue Reading


Attention Steamboat People!

In celebration of this weekend’s AnachroCon 2011 “Southern Steampunk Symposium” we’ve decided to run a story that was recently submitted by Captain Drew, inventor of the rPhone. We ordinarily edit most the Captain’s story for brevity and reading comprehension, but it was his special request that this story be allowed to run in its unedited state “for the sake of all of them steamboat people”. (Our apologies go out to all of you Steampunk faithful, and to our friends over at AnachroCon (Feb 25-27), you know how Continue Reading


Dragon*Con Sucked

Disappointed Conventioneers

(Note: please read the date this was posted, so that you don’t feel a ninny). I need to know why all of you lot be so charmed with Dragon*Con. I mean!! I went to it yesterday and it weren’t nothing special whatsoever. In fact, it be about the worst convention I ever seen!! Plus, it weren’t nearly as big as I’d heard tell…. if they had more than 400 people there I’ll eat me rPhone™!! Okay, here’s the story… Continue Reading