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PiratePalooza™ ’07 Clip: Mary Ellen Carter

Excited about the upcoming 2008 PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl?? Here’s a great raw clip from Sandra Sparks’ documentation of the music of the 2007 PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl Concert to tide you through….

The two person group doing the singing are Susan Hickey and Gregg Csikos and are called The Rambling Sailors, and have fans all around the U.S. rennfaire circuit. If you’re worried about the quality of the sound system for this year, we’ve been told that the mega-beefy sound system from the stadium rock Palooza of 2006 will be making a return!

And hey!
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Hamzilla vs Godzilla

It be no small secret that I likes ambling down to the Trader Vic’s on Thursday nights just to hear the Tiki band Tongo Hiti play the sweet, sweet music of the Pacific isles for wandering tourists and lonely conventioneers. If you do make it down there tell Big Mike that Captain Drew sends his regards… but be warned: as the night grows long and the rum begins to dwindle the music begins to change over to something far more sinister…..


The Ballad of Davy Jones (In Outer Space)

Ballad of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)

Being as I, Captain Drew, are a genuine space pirate, it should come as little wonder to you Earth lubbers that I be having a serious interest in the doings of a minstrel troupe what calls themselves “They Might Be Giants”, particularly when they gin up a handy little ditty for the Walt Disney Company what involves Davy Crockett and Outer Space and be called (uncoincidentally) “The Ballad of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)” [now available on iTunes for US99¢]. As there’s yet to be any official artwork or videos for this ballad at the time of this arrrticle, I’ve done taken the liberty of grabbing old Fess Parker‘s gob and stickin’ it into a space suit just to convey the idea of Davy Crockett in space. I don’t reckon old Fess’ll mind much as he’s got his own winery.


CD Release: Rimes of the Hip Hop Mariners

Rimes of the Hip Hop Mariners

All you pirates in the crowd raise your hooks in the air, today Captain Dan and his Scurvy Crew announced the release of their second album, “Rimes of the Hip Hop Mariners” and I have to tell you that your old pal Captain Drew is very, very excited!! If you don’t already own a copy of Captain Dan’s first album “Authentic Pirate Hip-Hop” you don’t even know what you’ve been missing. Have you ever found yourself sitting at a red light in your tricked out autocarriage, watching all those fine ho’s doing the Bankhead Bounce for the gentlemen in their tricked out Lincoln Navigators? Didn’t you wish that you had some sort of pirate-themed hip-hop music of your very own to attract a gaggle of gals with great big flappity-flapjack fannies to clap booty all over your face? I sure know that I’m constantly making that wish (but then I’m an arrogant space pirate who doesn’t recognize the demeaning social impropriety of my actions). Well you bootyclap-loving lads, wish no more. Click on over to the CD Baby website now to buy your very own copy of Captain Dan’s latest work and get to rubbin’ your faces all up in that junk…. you can thank me later. From a distance. After you’ve had a bath. Maybe not even then. You should probably get shots. And a salve. You know, just in case.


PiratePalooza 2007 Booty Music Album (free!)

A Free Album by the Bands!!

We have one last surprise for you from this year’s PiratePalooza™ and no, it’s not your hamburger (didn’t you hear? they’re still a little behind in the kitchen). No, our little surprise is an “internet album” of pirate-themed music from some of the very same performers you saw on stage at this year’s PiratePalooza™ on Saturday, September 15th!! Best of all? This album is absolutely free and it’s available NOW. That’s right FREE and NOW. You should know that this album was spearheaded and produced by Dolph Amick (one of those bigwig backers of the band Three Quarter Ale) and it was wholeheartedly supported by the kindhearted performers who lent their talents to the creation of this album.

Just because I love my crew (especially the lassies) I’m giving you four routes to get this album (the creation of which I had nothing to do with, mind you)!! – Click on through to get the details, they’re fantastic and EASY… you’ll be listening to music in SECONDS!!!!
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PP2007: Booty Music Track 01 – “Sea Fever”

That lovely little hellion Joni Minstrel kicks off the PiratePalooza Booty Music album by singing the words to a famous pram by England’s late poet laureate John Masefield. See if you can sing along with Joni without feelin’ the hair begin to prickle along the nape of your neck. This be why we takes to the sea, my crew…
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PP2007: Booty Music Track 02 – “Captain Kidd”

Track 02 of the PiratePalooza Booty Music album finds that nefarious anarchist Joni Minstrel singing a lovely first person narrative of that prankster of the seven seas, Captain Kidd. Sure he killed a few people… okay, a lot of people… but it’s hard work taking things from other people. Shouldn’t there be some sort of allowances made? Yes? No? Regardless, we think you’ll find that little trouble-maker Joni Minstrel possesses a sweet voice… exactly why you should never turn your back on herrrr! Methinks I smells mutiny afoot…


PP2007: Booty Music Track 03 – “Pirate’s Life”

In Track 03 of the PiratePalooza Booty Music album Susan Hickey and Gregg Csikos of the Rambling Sailors grab you round the collar and fling you high to the world of free-booted pirates in this song called “Pirate’s Life”. Look around your sad little cubicle and feel the blood course hot through your veins… take the sea now lads, while there’s still time!


PP2007: Booty Music Track 04 – “Strike the Bell”

What is that sweet sound?! Why, it be Track 04 featuring’ the Rambling Sailors with their lovely old-salt harmonies and trademark authentic squeezebox!! Just try listening to this song without bobbin’ your head and wishin’ you were facin’ into the wind aboard a ship bound some faraway rum-soaked shore!


PP2007: Booty Music Track 05 – “Whiskey is the Life of Man”

On Track 05 of the PiratePalooza Booty Music album you’ll find Mister Ian O’Donnell spinnin’ us a jig-worthy ditty that’ll have you hoppin’ about like a drunk monkey in hot tar. No, I don’t know what that means either. Still, the song is peppy and I’ve no doubts you’re going to like it! You’re going to like it or DIE!!! (no, no, just kidding)

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