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Section of Royal High Road Buckles in New Castle, Swallows Minstrels Whole

A gaggle of unsuspecting minstrels were swallowed up by the earth this past Sunday when a section of the Royal High Road in New Castle buckled due to a previously undetected tunnel, reported the Royal Guard.

Captain Drew, spokespirate for the Royal Alliance of Space Pirates (R.A.S.P.), responded via telex that his organization was “totally not involved in this unfortunate tunnel collapse” and that “the tunnel had not even been finished yet” and that “peepholes had Continue Reading


Levin Delivers Exquisite New Album La Luminosa


Last weekend I wandered through the royal court at the Georgia Renaissance Festival and happened upon Rivka Levin of Three Quarter Ale fame playing her harp and singing music from her latest album (a copy of which I purchased after the performance). Rivka’s skill at the harp is well known to regulars of the festival as is her beautiful voice and I’m happy to Continue Reading


The Pyrates Royale To End Their Voyage?


UPDATE! Good news, the Pyrates Royale cannot be stopped. Ian O’Donnell reports that the Pyrates have been reincarnated and that you can get the latest information about them on their Pyrates Royale Reunion page on Facebook (click!)

Shocking news reached the ship tonight that the Pyrates Royale have announced they would be ending the voyage they first began in 1986.  Upon hearing the news Captain Drew issued the ship’s flags to be lowered to “one half thirds mast” and that extra rum rations be issued for himself until further notice.  Curiosity abounds around the ship, but all agree that the Pyrates Royale were Continue Reading


LandLoch’d at PiratePalooza!


Steve Wright and Ed Rigel first met sometime around 2008, at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Both men were musicians, but would not play together until 2011 when Ed, learning that his current bandmate had a gig that conflicted for that year’s PiratePalooza™, reached out to Steve to see if he was interested in Continue Reading


Half Pint at PiratePalooza!

Half Pint

Ariana Pellayle and Rosemary Quench (better known as Becky Cormier Finch and Rivka Levin Carroll) first met at the Georgia Renaissance Festival in the Spring of 1996, and five years later they began singing together. Their first collaboration was in a band called Stone Soup, which played at the Georgia festival’s stage at the Brewer’s Pub. When Stone Soup disbanded they connected with guitarist and songwriter extraordinaire, Dolph Amick (aka ‘Wicked Pete Speakeasy’), to form Three Quarter Ale. On those occasions when Dolph is unable to Continue Reading


Lost Boys 10th Anniversary Party a Hit

Fresh from his capture by multi-armed robots, Captain Drew reports to us that the Lost Boys unleashed their 3rd Annual Fan Celebration Concert to a standing room only audience this past Saturday at Push Push Theater. This unwieldy concert footage provides a balcony view of their performance of Tommy Makem’s toe-tapping, fiddle-centric song “Rambles of Spring”. For more information on the Lost Boys’ schedule tune to TheLostBoysOnline.com!


Congratulations to Rambling Sailors

The crew of the PiratePalooza™ would like to wish an almost entirely unscurvy life of wedded bliss to Gregg and Susan of the Rambling Sailors, who were wed aboard the fine ship J.&E. Riggin early last month. Take a look at the video put together by new hubby Gregg using photos by Carol Miller and the tune “Beggars to God” by Jim Hancock. The PiratePalooza™ has been fortunate enough to have the Rambling Sailors play for us in the past and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they be decent enough to cross our decks again some point in the future!


#1 Hip Hop Pirate to Release New Album

New Tracks from Captain Dan
Our old pal Captain Dan and his scurvy crew have released 3 new tracks today to celebrate the pending debut of their new album “From the Seas to the Streets” under the Nonexistent Recordings label. Timed to coincide with your planet’s so-called “International Talk Like a Pirate Day“, this pre-release of album tracks marks the third and highly anticipated work from a pirate hip hop artist that has been described as “drunk”, “pirate”, “guy over there” and “behind the rum barrell doing something with the crew’s pig”. If you lubbers don’t be aware of Captain Dan, then you be missing out on perhaps the most important influence on modern piracy since Paris Hilton stopped wearing bloomers and started riding Continue Reading


Pirates and Syrens

Syrens of the South at PiratePalooza

We’re pleased to announce that the popular Atlanta-based burlesque troop Syrens of the South will make a special pirate-style appearance during the finale of this year’s Pirate Music Concert, scheduled to run from 6pm to 10pm at the James Joyce Irish Pub in Avondale Estates. We certainly hope that the Syrens legendary love of seamen will show through in this special appearance!!


Palooza Concert 2008

Every pirate knows that PiratePalooza™ is about music and the salty musicians what brings it to us. Whether it be long-hauls, sheet-drags, capstan shanties, stamp-n-go’s, pumpin’ or fo’c’s’le shanties, you’ll find us singin’ about sailing, drinking and wenching. Now, without further adieu allow me to announce our line-up for the 2008 Pubcrawl!!

Wine, Woman, and Song – the very group of amazing singers what first introduced the Captain to these shanties. (Trivia: Naughty Nellie Peachbottom, the “woman” of WW&S, was one of the early co-conspirators of the Palooza itself!)

Tenpenny Travelers – the Travelers first climbed aboard the Palooza last year and were a genuine hit with our crew, with many demands that they return to us again!

Joni Minstrel – keep an eye on this clever little trouble-maker (and admittedly awesome entertainer), she’ll be sure to be plotting mutiny at some point in our voyage.

Ian O’Donnell – with us since the 2nd Palooza, this feller will have you tappin’ your toes and singin’ along in no time flat!

We’ll of course greatly miss The Lost Boys and Three Quarter Ale this year, but are buoyed by the fact that they’ve all become massively popular and cannot escape the (lucrative) bonds which will bind them during this year’s Palooza. We do hope they’ll speed back to us next year, itching for rum and rummy-tum-tums…. whatever the heck those are.

More announcements about the Pubcrawl and Concert soon!™